Remove image fron background list

My project have many images in Background Picture list, but only 3 images has be used in my project. I make a test, download the apk (46,0mb), put a new image in list (but i don’t put in any screen, only in Background Picture list) and after this my apk has a 46,6mb.

Can I clean this list, remove the image that I dont use?

Welcome @ted.equipamentoseyq3
Yes you can.
As long as you don’t Use Them.

Yes, I don’t use a many images, but i cant find a button to remove fron the list

Can you help me?

in the DnD editor click this button:
Screenshot 2021-06-19 2.16.00 PM
Screenshot 2021-06-19 2.16.08 PM
and in legacy editor.
scroll down to files and press:
Screenshot 2021-06-19 2.16.08 PM

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Its in x.thunkable? What’s DnD editor?
I’m using x.thunkable
See my image list

Thank your for your replyes

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i see you are using the legacy editor:
here is a video of how it works:

The DnD ui is the drag and drop builder the new ui

Oh, just check your assets. You’ll be able to delete images from there.


Your system has be different, I’m using x.thunkable pro, see the video. I dont find the delete button.
Can you tel me about your system?

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Maybe in x.thunkable it’s impossible, i find this…

Thunkable X bug (Cannot delete some assets) - Thunkable Discuss - Community

I’ll try contact the support to delete my files.

Got no access to file.
Anyways the sulystem is not x.thunkable.
That’s only the domain name of thunkable.
Also i Use the same as yours.


Scroll down where you can see the screens and components not the current scroll down you are Using.

You are using the Legacy UI, also called Snap to Place.

In your project editor screen go to the left side (not the side that has the image you shared). In the left side the pane is divided into upper and lower.

In the upper pane scroll down to see the Files section. You can delete the images from there.


This should help you to locate it.


wolll… its amazing
It’s to easy, thank you
Like I couldn’t find this function before. kkkkkkkk

Thank you for all, my app is very heavy becouse some images that I dont use.

Thank you my colleagues, this group is great