[Solved] How does background picture resize mode work?

I put the margins and everything but when i test it in live , it doesnt work. What do I do?

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Hi @mewody can you share a screenshot of what properties you’re using please?

Also, can you show us a little more about what you see in the designer that’s not showing up in the live app?

Here’s an example that highlights margins. The label has a margin of 10px on all sides:

And this is what it looks line on Web Preview:


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I have not tried out making everything 10px , but when i try putting margins for all the labels the go to another place instead of which place i want them to go to… I will try out they way you did it… -

I’ll try it and see if it works…

It’s hard to see because your component tree is collapsed. but based on the scrollable property it looks like you might be changing the margin property of the screen rather than the label?

is that the case?

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@domhnallohanlon The problem with the live app is this- In the above picture as it is shown, I have uploaded a giphy as background for a screen, But when I live test it the giphy is just a small part of the screen and the rest is white.

Here Is how it looks like when I upload it:

And here is how it looks when I live test:

I try putting fit to page or cover option but its still doesnt work in any of the options…

@domhnallohanlon no thats not it… Im putting the margins in the labels , But my question is- When I put margins in the labels should i put space between in the column?

Ah…ok. Got it.

Can you send me the background image you are using, either here or via PM, so that I can take a look for myself please?

I would have thought that one of these options would work, but I’d like to try it out to see if I can find the right one for you.


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@domhnallohanlon Okay! original

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How about setting the Screen1 background image instead? It looks ok to me?





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Wow, I did the same… I think I put centre, Thanks! But I have a question If I upload the background to whatever pic or gif and if I put a background color too, will it affect anything in the gif background?

And also should I mark your reply solved? Im sorry, Im new so I don’t know much… :slightly_frowning_face:

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The background color is “behind” the image, so you will only notice it if there are gaps, or if the image is opaque.

Yes please!

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Ohh Thank you! You helped a lot!! :grinning: