[Solved] How do I resize a background image?

i upload pic jpg in screen but i have problem with size how i can fix


You’ll need to share a screenshot of the problem. Also, what is the problem with the size? Is it too big, too small? What have you tried?

Try different Background Picture Resize Modes.

i try its same problem

But that screenshot does not have a Background Picture Resize Mode selected. What values did you try for that?

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my freind i make all center and i try also to change its same

Try either contain or cover, depending on which behavior you want. ‘center’ gets you the middle of the image if it is bigger than the container you’re putting it into.


hi thanks for your reply but why in edit showing deferent from preview

There are a lot of things that show differently on the designer (‘edit’), the web preview, and Thunkable Live. And things that aren’t identical between iOS and Android, despite that being a goal.

My experience has been that the “live test” preview (not the preview button - different screen dimensions) is more likely to be what you’re going to get on a phone than the edit/designer view, but you should really do most of your previewing with Thunkable Live (and occasionally by downloading) if you don’t want surprises. Unless you’re building something that’s only going to be a web app, of course!

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