[Solved] How can I INSERT / POST data to Supabase?

I understand how to combine sql queries in one go using sql only. What i do not get is how to make a comination in url for the thunkable call to post in the supabase url.
I want to insert into column XXX, value 111, column YYY, value 222. The command is available in Supabase docs - but not how to post from Thunkable.
@jared probably you know!!…

For an INSERT, it’s a POST call. What have you tried?

Yes i know it is a POST rather than a get - But instead of SELECT* i tried
INSERT INTO (HIGHSCORE: Value ‘123’ and ALIAS: Value ‘Stefan’)
Which did not work

You must read the docs I shared in the other post dude.

You don’t use sql statements over the rest interface.

I get that - But the docs does not tell us how to implement it with Thunkable…Does it ? Or do you meqan its only to do a Copy paste and it will work?

See the video

I get it Jared - But i do not see how you made it in the actual URL -

You where saying earlier that the POST variables where to be in the URL…
But what you sent show variablas as part of the BODY.
Its the POST part i need some conceptual guidence

The “GET” part is pretty clear to me and i get result

that’s right.

to post data to your backend, you won’t put the new records data in the URL,

you will set the body of the API call

you can find the URL though if you are unsure in your supabase backend. go to the table. click the api tab at the top right. click the button that says BASH.

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