Trouble getting Supabase query to work

I am running an API Endpoint query with a filter on my Supabase table in Postman and it generates the correct result but when I run it through the API URL/Headers in Thunkable, the filter does not work

2024-01-15 21-10-22

What am I missing?


It must be how the data is stored. Are you trying to get a list of all the retailers? If so you need to parse the object data even further.

I just want data for retailerID = 1. I can do this via the URL in Postman, so I am assuming that it should work the same if I create the URL in Thunkable and call the API via the URL block.

Not an issue here. @steve_synopsis You need to get object from Json. Not Json from object.

You need to convert the Json string being passed back into an object before trying to access the properties held within.

see this example app that i’ve built

or see these blocks

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My issue is the filtering - if I view the response it shows all of the records.

2024-01-15 21-10-22

The retailerID.eq.1 should filter the table to only respond with retailer ID 1 which is what happens in postman or if I run it directly in a browser.

That’s because filters go in the url. Not the header

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