[Solved] Sorted table in Supabase not showing corect in Thunkable

Since there was a similar bug in Airtable it might be a bug in this case as well.
this table sort :
is shown as this
I can manipulate the sort, primary key etc on the DB end but without any effect in Thunkable
(The outcome in blue has only been parsed - Nothing more)

Any ideas…

Sorting on your backend shouldn’t affect the front, at all, when grabbing data from supabase.

Sorting on the backend is for, well, backend use like viewing raw records / hunting down rouge/malformed data/etc

If you want to apply a sort on the front it’s a parameter that you’ll need to pass with your api call

Here are the relevant docs. Remember that Supabse uses PostgREST under the hood to power the REST API layer over your db

for reference it would usually be. the parameter order in the URL like this

below would be an example of grabbing data from the people table and i wanted to sort by name, from A-to-Z, and have any null record return last

GET /people?order=name.desc.nullslast

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