[solved] How can i get the value of a voice recorder from another screen?

Hey there,
i am making a note related app and i have set a button to play sound but i have another screen where the users will record the audio but whenever i take the output file it is showing " variable out of scope" what should i do?

Share a screenshot of your blocks. It’s very hard to troubleshoot Thunkable issues without seeing how you have things set up.

The one thing I can suggest is that when you initialize your variable, don’t give it a value in the initialization block.

When you record the audio and play it the sound component will only accept .mp3 files.
So When you play a recorded sound , it should be like

call sound1’s play
source : join : ```

and here you have to join audio recorders result and .mp3 . Also , while saving in a variable you can do this

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thank you :slight_smile:

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Your welcome… You can mark my post as the solution as then other people will know that they dont have to reply

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