The audiobook app has several pages

I was create audio recorder book app with multiple pages.
I want to record and then can go back and listen.
But now that I can only save one page, if I exit or goto next page ,the voice recorder will be lost.
My project

The sound file from stopped audio recording block returns an audio file but you are assigning it to a stop block which I assume does nothing in this context:


So you need to assign the sound file from stopped audio recording block to a variable to save it (a stored variable if you want it to last beyond the app session) or upload it to a site like Cloudinary to store it in the cloud.

it can store in app?

I think so. I haven’t tried. But you could assign the audio file to a stored variable and then attempt to play it again from the variable after you close and re-open the app.

I tried your method to store the sound file into a variable, but seems it doesn’t work. Can you please try and see if it works or not. Thanks a lot :pray:

It would be helpful if you posted an updated link. Because either you coded it correctly and it just doesn’t work or you didn’t and I can hopefully explain how to fix it.

My app link

i never create block for stored variable on cloud.
Please create sample .

I’m not sure I understand but if you can tell me which screen to look at, I might be able to help. It wouldn’t be a cloud variable. Just assign the sound recording to a stored variable and test that. I’m not able to provide a sample, sorry.

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