[Solved] how can I decrement an inventory item stored in google sheets using a barcode scan?

hello, I want to make a stock reduction process by reading the barcode, how can I reduce the barcode that is scanned from the number of stocks entered directly?

Do you mean that you will have a database of barcodes (an inventory) and then once a barcode is scanned, you will remove that from the database?

Yes, you can do this. I recommend setting up a project as best you can and posting a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried.

This is how I did it, the person enters the information and stock in the add product section, reads the barcode and writes the barcode read from the camera directly on the label, then saves it on google pages with the entered information. What I want to do is to get information from this scanned barcode, for example, 5 products are sold, each of which is different, but when I read the barcode, I want it to come directly to the registered product and I want to reduce the stock. can i do this?

Do you have a chance to help me without sharing my codes or do I have to share for sure?

If the stock number is in a row with the barcode in Google Sheets, then you can search for the scanned barcode and if you find a row containing it, reduce the stock number in that row.

No, I can’t really help you further without seeing your blocks.


hi, i want to scan a barcode and when i scan it i want to write on a label the stock of a product that matches the barcode in google spreadsheet. can i do this?


So how can I do it? can you give an example?

Is this for an inventory management system @yigitishesabigng? i.e. you want to scan 10 items with the same barcode and have the spreadsheet show the level of inventory in stock?

Have you seen our inventory management template?

yes this is for an inventory management.

I saw inventory management.

What I want to do is the barcode number of the x product registered in google data, for example 123456789. I read the barcode from the camera from a different page, I printed it as 123456789. I cannot withdraw the quantity. How can I withdraw the stock quantity?

In addition to this, for example, the user will create as many entries as they want on a single screen, for example, 5 of them will read the barcodes from here, will enter a value for each of them + or - and directly + will add stock to those data - when they do, it will decrease stock from those data, can I do something about it?

I’m merging these two posts as you seem to have asked the same question twice @yigitishesabigng

ok thanks

So can you help me about the issue? @domhnallohanlon

In the Inventory management template that @domhnallohanlon posted a link to above, on the second screen in the Submit button event, there is a set of blocks that should update the stock quantity as you are wanting:

Can I shoot just by reading the barcode without making a list, I want it like this, does it shoot according to the barcode number? @tatiang @domhnallohanlon

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. When you scan a barcode, you can scan each one. Then you can update the database to subtract one from the inventory count for that barcode. “Order list” in that screenshot is not a list… it’s just the name of the local data source. You do not have to use a list but you do have to change the data in your data source.

Please share a screenshot of your blocks or a link to your project.

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I want to do this, can I do it?

What does Label2 have to do with the other screenshots?

For Button3, that will display the new value but it won’t store it anywhere.

For Button2 Click, you will need to loop through the list of values in your database. There are examples here: [Solved] How to count occurrences of an item in a list?.

Also, “Product SKU” is not a valid row id. A row id is usually an integer.

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this section is my data in the google spreadsheet

this section is to pull the barcode number, pull the stock quantity according to the barcode number, make transactions in that stock quantity code blocks of my section

this section is the page where the operations were performed (there are numbers that match the numbers in the previous photo, they explain which operation was performed)

i hope I have been able to explain what I want to do this time, and when I click on “button2” in part 2, it says “null” in the inventory quantity section I couldn’t find the data can you help I hope you understand that I can tell you I can’t find the missing places can you help @tatiang @domhnallohanlon

Please look at my last response. You need to make a loop that searches for the barcode in your Google Sheets column and you also need to use an integer as a row id, not a word/phrase.

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unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to create the loop, it doesn’t capture the correct information can you tell me what to add to the code structure that I threw in that photo, if there is an example, it would be better if I looked from there, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. to do this, can you help me @tatiang