How can i value data from Barcode Scanner

How i can get the name when i scan the barcode with the number from google sheet?

So you want to scan the barcode 7649988484575 and then have the name “Dark White Amina” appear on the screen?

Which blocks have you tried so far?


Hello Atilla,
Welcome to the community. Just out of curiosity, is the barcode symbolic somehow? Any extra info you can give us such as blocks tried, data needing to be retrieved, or anything like that would be much appreciated as we try to help you out. You are using Google Sheets, correct?

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Hi, try this, it is an API of barcodes:
Get product data for a given barcode from the database.
More info here:
There are other source that have similar information, you just need to look it up by barcode and get the title, then put that into google sheets.

It’s free and the URL for the API looks like this;[barcode].json

The property you (probably) want is;

there is also; product_name_en / product_name_fr etc.

See this sample sheet

  • The first 2 columns are the data
  • Third column is where you will enter the BarCode number from Thunkable
  • The last 2 columns will show the search result

Note under column 4 the function =filter(A2:B7,A2:A7=C2)

If you enter 44 in the 3rd column then Google Sheet will automatically display the corresponding name which you can read from Thunkable.

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Hii Muneer thaks for this detail explain… okay but how can i show this with blocks in thunkable?

Hii Tatiang yes!!

I prepait a display but i dont know how i can change the label with the name scaning of barcode is working with the blocks but how i can say okay scan the barcode get the value on my google sheet search the barcode that i add and give me the name of the barcode

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Using my example above, this is what I will do to test it

This is the output

Thanks Muneer for your time!!! that works great when i type the code in the inputfield but how i can do it with scan the barcode and give the name out

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In this block

Put the barcode number you got from the scanner instead of the Text_Input's Text

Hmm it not works … sorry i’m in this area a newbe

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Use it this way

Then use the variable in the Google sheet update block.