How to get value for row id

I was create scan barcode app.
When get value from barcode will retrieve data from the data sauce.
How do enter numbers in every row?

To find the row number that matches the scanned barcode, use the find first occurrence of item block. For the list, use the list of values in flashcard block and for the item, use the green value block.

Assign that row number to a variable and then use that variable in your get value blocks.

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My english not good,And this is my first time for Thunkable. Can you have samply image? Please

I think maybe you’re using the Snap to Place interface so my blocks may look a little different since I’m using the Drag and Drop interface.

The blocks below can be found on the first screen of this project:

Thank you but it not work.

I’m not able to open that project link. Is it a private project?

What is not working?

Did you check the value of app variable barcode found at row num? What is that value when you scan a barcode that exists in your data source?

What happens if you set a label’s text to Image5’s Picture? What is displayed?

i change public project
label text is show correct.
i was check data source is correct.

Please try these blocks:

You can use my project but you need to attach your own data source. I did not set it up to actually work with my data source.

Thank you but you need to create the share link again and post it here.

The demo I posted works for me. I scanned a barcode that exists in my data source and it found it and displayed “row num=4”.

What do you mean by “show correct”? What actual number does it show? And which label? The row # or the picture? Or both?

i know that problem.
My database is insert link from media files.
It can’t read link redirect to image or sound.
If i change to google sheet it work!!

How to use link in data source ?

Can you post an example of an image link/url from your data source?

This data source use link from thunkable

And this from google sheet

I can’t use google sheet,
I want to use offline app. some place in thailand is low internet

You need to host your images in a public server. I’m not even sure where you got the… links but if you want to use images that have been uploaded to the project then you just use the filename without a path, like Image3.png. Then you can access them when offline.

Your Google Drive links are probably not set to public. So you need to fix the permissions or use a public server such as Cloudinary.

If you still can’t get this to work, please post the full url to one or more of your images as text, not screenshots. I need to be able to access those images to help you further.

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