[Solved] How can I correct IAP error - "Must query store before purchase"?

Has this been figured out? Mine has been working since my last update. It looks like you’re doing everything correctly, @jared. I had that problem when I first started working on it, but I was failing to query my list of items. Once I got that figured out, it all worked ok.

Sorry I haven’t been on much. Work keeps me busy during the week and light chasing occupies most of my weekends…

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It’s working well for me now!!!

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What was the solution? I have the issue and I cant figure out what’s wrong

Latest thunkable platform update (v305-5-prod) has fixed it for me. If you re-publish now to testflight it should work.

can you send me how to set up the blocks? i have re-published like 20 times and it still doesn’t work

Can you show what you’ve tried?

Are you getting error messages?

on thunkable yes, but not related to the purchase block,
and on ios the must query item from store one

Are you testing app builds from TestFlight or the ones we email to you?

via test flight

is there anything else i can try?

I just sent a new version to the App Store to see if I’m having the same issue. If I can replicate, I can help troubleshoot.

Okay Thank You

So? Did it work?

Please be patient, these things can take time.

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@jared I pushed my iOS app live and it does not work. This is the error I get when I make a purchase. It seemed to work on testflight.

If you just pushed a new version out that was reviewed, there’s a chance your iap was rejected. Can you share a screenshot of the IAPs your appstoreconnect dashboard?

This is mine currently

I would expect the product with id consumable would not be purchaseable right now due to issues. are yours all green?

As an aside: I recommend that everybody setting up IAP in their aps have an IAP test screen to make initial testing/troubleshooting easier .