IAP documentation -- what kind of information from the stores?

Hi everyone,

So we finally have IAP for both editing interfaces, which is just great. But I was wondering if anyone – from the team or someone who has already incorporated the component – would have an insight to share as to what kind of information I will get with IAP blocks from the stores? Would save me some valuable time and effort as I’m starting to tinker with this (and probably the same for many others too).

So, to start off, the general documentation for IAP is here: https://docs.thunkable.com/in-app-purchase

But it doesn’t say much about what kind of information I get with the blocks. For instance, the sale block returns “List of Item info” and “List of Subscription info”, but what kind of information, exactly, this usually is? If I’d knew a bit more beforehand, I could already design my app accordingly, rather than first find out everything on my own.

And the same goes for the Purchase History blocks. Of course I can find these things on my own too, but wouldn’t it make sense that someone who has already used them would offer some samples / outlines of what kind of info we’re getting from App Store / Google Play, particularly as testing and finding this on my own in this case a bit more demanding than just the usual tinkering with the blocks on Thunkable

And even better would be if the documentation page would contain these examples / outlines. :wink:

Thank you all :slight_smile:

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Check this.
It is the practical steps for item purchase


Many thanks for this @muneer – for your kind help, as always. :slight_smile:

This helps me to get going, but naturally would be really nice to see a bit more. Particularly what kinds of responses you get with queries from the stores, such as with “get products info”.

The reason is that I naturally want to be able to follow what purchases the user has made / other relevant info regarding the user in this respect. Like, if the user has already made a donation, I wouldn’t like to suggest it right away again. And for doing subscriptions such information is of course all the more vital usually. At least the Thunkable team must know all this inside out, if only they would share a bit of their wisdom in the docs or here. :slight_smile:

Ping @jared @domhnallohanlon and others.

But in any case, thank you again for this and if you discover more, I’d be very happy to hear from it too. I’ll also try to keep you guys updated as I go along with this.

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The current IAP component does not provide such info. Item once purchased will not show up in the query.

This will give you the list of products you have. In my example, 3 donation entries. Nothing else.

See a sample from my app (in JSON format)

This topic is more complicated and requires an external server. This is why I decided not to comment on it.

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Ah, I see. I thought the stores would keep tabs on what kinds of orders / subscriptions the user has committed herself to. It would make sense as the stores are the ones selling them after all. And they’re the place you can also cancel your subscriptions, so on some level they must know. Well, I guess I just need to find out by trying out various things then. But if you figure out how to build a good subscription service, please let me know, as with everything else too. And I’ll do the same once I get so far. :slight_smile:

In any case, thank you for this too @muneer . :slight_smile:

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Of course the store has it, and if you go to Google Developer account manager you will find all purchases and subscriptions there whether valid cancelled or refunded.

I am just stating that the current Thunkable component does not provide such info.

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Yeah, well I guess so. I just thought that incorporating this into the IAP component on Thunkable would be pretty much a given.

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