[Solved] Get speed value on location sensor

how can I get speed value??

You need to get the difference between the two longs
The difference between the two lats,
Convert them to meters, which requires some math, but all the functions are there.
Then you take the time difference between the first lat and second lat,
Now you have Meters/Second/Minute or whatever time value used.

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The sensor has a parameter for this - speed!

Thanks @Balanced_Kitchen for pointing that out! I’m answering this for another thunker - so I thought I’d leave these snapshots here.

The Location Object

The ‘GetCurrentLocation’ method returns an object called ‘Location’. You can display the object in a label to see everything in the object with the following:

The Speed Property

If you are looking for the speed, you’ll need to get the ‘speed’ property from the ‘coords’ object from the ‘location’ object. That looks like this:

Happy Coding!

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Note: I had to enable ‘HighAccuracy’ to stop receiving a value of ‘-1’.

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