Location Sensor: unexpected speed property value [Bug?]

Hi Thunkers,

When I try to get the speed property of the location sensor (see picture), I get a value between 0 and 1, whether I’m standing, walking or driving. I would expect the value to increase as I move faster. But the value seems to be independent of my speed. Does anyone know what I can do with the value?

After tracing back the origin of this component, I assume that the speed is measured in m/s. If that’s the case, you’re right, the value should increase

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I on iOS speed shows -1.

I have tested it a few more times now and also get values up to 3. I have not yet received the value -1, even if I turn off the position tracking before I start the app.

You wrote to the developers on the github that this parameter does not work?

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@actech: I thought this forum is for such discussions - didn’t know there is another place.
But now I found:

Ok, I’ve added this one:

Let’s see what happens.

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