Creating a Speedometer

How can I create a simple text label that states your speed on mph? I don’t see how I can even with the accelerometer sensor, location sensor, and gyroscope.

Thank you.

Updating the label is not going to be an issue.

For an accelerometer:
You would need to figure out and research how to get speed from a 3-axis accelerometer. If you can find the math for that, then you would be good to go.

For GPS:
I would calculate the linear distance in an interval of time by taking two GPS points and comparing them. Then do the math to estimate that interval of time in hours. You would need to know how much distance is each decimal of the latitude and longitude. You should be able to find that online.

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I was thinking the same thing, it would just require a lot of math to make everything work together. There was actually a get speed block I didn’t notice, and it did the trick. Thanks for your help though!


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