[Solved] Get cell value from other column

i got result what i want for first step but main reason to get list of number in column Number who has value in formula. for this case “Register”. i am sorry to ask you a lot.

In your case the request will be as follows

filterByFormula=({Status} = ‘Register’)&fields[]=Number

Use the AirTable control panel to create a query. Only after you get the correct results, go to Thunkable. To process query results, you need to learn how to work with JSON.


not work on current block. maybe need to recreate new block base on current formula.

What blocks are you talking about? I wrote that first the formula needs to be debugged in the AirTable management environment. To do this, make a query in the browser bar and get the result.

Here’s what you need to do first.

Do you see that the query works correctly in my drawing? Only then can you go to the blocks, and you try to solve two problems at the same time and ask why it doesn’t work? Because you need to solve one task at a time, and then the next, and so on.

Here is your example that works without problems

https://api.airtable.com/v0/YOUR BASE/YOUR TABLE?api_key=YOUR API KEY&filterByFormula=({Status}='Register')


i made mistake on semi column was not right. now it come out with result.

and i try to simplified my block so i can understand what i am doing. it seem wrong somewhere. Probably you can advise about it. result need to be display at list view.

I’m sorry, but I’m a little puzzled by your question. I gave you a working example in which you can change the data to your own + I showed working blocks. But for some reason you decided to make your own blocks that don’t work. Tell me, why do I need to understand non-working blocks if I gave working blocks earlier?

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@actech this worked example has helped me hugely in understanding how to use the API query. Thank you.
@ozel1978 I think I can explain a little of what’s going on here that you might be missing. Hopefully it will help you build blocks that work.
The API query response is a list of objects, each object is a record entry (a line) in your table, with a unique record id. To parse this information you need to:

  • create a list variable that holds this list of objects
  • create another list variable to hold the output you want (the list of those ‘registered’ for example)
  • set this list variable as an empty list - or else it won’t behave as a list
  • use a j-loop to go through each object in the response list, extract the ‘name’ - which in your case is the property “name”, of the property “fields”, of the object “j” and add it to the output list. Without the loop you are only finding one property of one object. Once the loop has added all relevant entries to the list, you display the list. Any misspellings of property or object names and the loop will crash. Make sure you’re clear of the hierarchy of properties of objects too - which object is a property of which other object.
    Hope that helps.
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i am try to learning and understand what i am doing. thank you for your help. i will put as solution.

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thank you shane that was helpfull

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further more i want to click and it will display at text so i can update or delete data.
below is my data but when i click it, only go to index, 1 or 2. it did not display from original data.


I’d suggest in the final step you set the text to generate JSON from object “app register” - that will show the whole Row as a JSON so you should then be able to work out how to show the data you want. And then you can work out how to update or delete.

And why did you decide that when you click in List Viewer, you should display the correct data from AirTable? Incorrect data is displayed if the wrong index is used.

how to do that? i dont think my block is correct.


I’m a little confused by what the blocks are trying to do in this latest version. What I’m suggesting will help you make sense of your data is this:
The list click creates an index, which you are using to select a row in your Airtable. That should be fine.
Then you want to check what is in the row, so you know how to structure the blocks. To see the row of data (in JSON format) use the Airtable GetRow block, rowNum=index, then set Text in your label Text_Input1 to “Generate JSON from Object” + “value”
Hope that makes sense.

from list view i manage to place at text, but to update the content i does not work.
i believed web api has different way how to update and delete the data which is i have no idea how to do it.

What I’m seeing in your blocks is that ‘app nom’ is a list which is a column of data from your spreadsheet. When you click on the list text in Text_input1 is set to the value clicked on in the list.
The second block is definitely wrong - rowNum can only be just a number, most likely you want it to be the index from the first block - as currently set up you are trying to update a rowNum using a variable that is a list.
I suggest in the first block you use a new variable to which you save the index, then use that variable as the rowNum in the second block.
It looks like you are trying to grab a number from a list into a text input field, where you can then overwrite that number and then update the database?

I am updating to airtable.
i think we have to use component API to update the data also. because it has 4 component get, post, put and delete but i am not sure how to use it.


Have you checked out my airtable example app? I think it demonstrates what you want.



i will check and let you know.

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i am not really understand about your project here. maybe you can brief to me later but what i want to do.

  1. get cell value from other column in list view. which is working fine using actech block. (webapi method)

  2. from list view when click on item it will display to text box. also working fine.

  3. from text box i want to be edit or update. that where it stuck and the error is per show below.

i hope i can get advise and resolution.