Search for value in colum (Airtable Spreadsheet)

Hello again,
I’m trying to retrieve a value from a colum “Date_value” in an Airtable Spreadsheet, the colum contains either 1 or 2, if number 1 is found all values from colum “Kombiniert” should be visible an the List viewer.
And once again I can’t find a solution…

Here’s my attempt:


Try to get all the data from the table to begin with using the block. If this does not work, then there may be an error in some parameter to access the table.


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Hello Actech,
the table access is working, with this Block Label3 is displaying a long string with all values from my Spreadsheet.

Hi, :wink:

then check the column name. Your code works fine for me.

Check the block “if then” is executed?

This block works for me.


Hello Actech, yes that Block is working, just not in the way I want … I think I messed this up,
wait let me try to explain again what I try to achive.

I have two Colums:

  • Colum1: Contains names
  • Colum2: Contains either number 1 or 2

I want to display in the List viewer from Colum1 all values that contain the number “1” in Colum2.

To solve this problem, I would do this:

  1. Get all records from table to list
  2. Create a loop on a list in which to select all records that satisfy the condition




Hey actech, it worked :grinning:
there’s just one strange problem, if I leave the screen and open he screen again the entries in the list are duplicated, they duplicate each time i leave and open the screen again. (Im using drawer Navigator)
Is’nt there a way to clear the screen before it opens to avoid this behavior?

May I ask where you got your knowledge from, is it just alot of try and error?

Thanks for your help, I saw you are very busy in this comunity.

Records in the list are duplicated due to the fact that we do not clear the list and records are added to it. In the Screen.Open block add the cleaning block to the list variable:

set app list <- empty list

If you need to fill the ListViewer only once when starting the application, then fill the list in the initialization block “Screen Starts”.

My knowledge is the result of programming. I do text programming and some time ago I became interested in visual programming using blocks. In addition, I have been studying Thunkable X for a long time and learn a lot of new things by helping users to solve their problems.

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