How to Display Rows that have a Specific Value in a Column

I have an Air Table by the same name as both a Data Source and an Invisible Component. The same data is in both the Data Source Air Table and the Invisible Component Air Table. I want to use a Data Viewer List to display the rows that have a certain item in a column, but I don’t know how to do this. The coding blocks I have say to either GetSelectedRows with a “startingRowNumber” and “numRows” or GetRow with a “rowNum.” Do you have any suggestions for me? I could not find a block that enabled me to search for rows that have a specific value in a column.

Hey @megnelaz :wave:

I think what you want to do here is get the column from Airtable, then search through the column for your required value, then pass those values to the Dataviewer (maybe using local storage?)

Hi, I decided to not use the Data Viewer List anymore and instead display my values in a List Viewer. I also found two other discussion threads that helped me answer my question, and I will provide them in two posts below if anyone wants to access them. :grinning:

This code in this article enabled me to search for values in a column and display them in a List Viewer:

Another issue I had was ensuring the lists that contained specific values from a column did not repeat values. I found the code circled in green in this article helpful:

Hello @domhnallohanlon
Although I decided not to use a Data Viewer List for the specific part of my app mentioned above, I am using a Data Viewer List for another part of my app and am considering using the local storage idea you suggested in your reply to my discussion post.

Could you tell me how to set up local storage? I would like the storage to be specific to each user on the app.

Thank you!