[Solved] From row set width to %

is it not possible to set the row width for example to 100%?
It looks like the value I enter is a PX value.

I need to make a barchart and would like to work with values in percent
to make my app design overall a bit responsive.

Can you share your code?

There is not much code yet Iā€™m still testing,
the value ā€œ90ā€ should be 90% and not 90px.

Ok i see give me a sec

Maybe change the number

Hi @Christian_Sigge,

If you set Row15ā€™s width to be a percentage in the design settings, you can input any number between 0 and 100 to give it a percentage. It works with or without the percentage from my testing. You must use the text box like I have here.


Let me know if this works.

Great, thank you very much, it works. :+1:

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