Bug in design screen: component set to relative size percentage

If a component is set to percentage, and you try to made edits to any other settings of that component, the cursor automatically jumps back to the percentage settings.

Example: working with a column or row, set the width or height to Relative Size (e.g. β€œ50%”)
Then enter some number like 25% or something.

Then with the same column or row go try to make edits to some of the margin or padding settings.

Any input at all instantly move my cursor to the % input for the width or height.

Anybody else experience this?

@overshield I’m having trouble reproducing this. Is this happening in all of your projects?

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Yes, all projects. Even on iPhone and Mac. Might be a safari issue

That sounds very odd. It’s not happening to me or it seems like happening to others. Can you try a hard refresh?

I just recently had done one and it persisted.
Strange it occurs across all my devices. I hadn’t check again on Chrome