A very important question about sizing

Hello dears,
If I set a column to 100% width and 50% height, then I set an image for example inside that column.
The question is:
Dose the image size (in persent) depend on the size of the screen (which is 100%) or depend on the size of column (which is 50%)
If I set the image to (20%), does this percent relate to the percent of (the screen or the column)?
I noticed that it relates to the column which is difficult to control. In Classical Android all sizing relates to the screen whatever the columns or rows are.
Please, fix this issue.

The size is relative to the container the control is in.

I prefer the way it is now, because that is similar to the way HTML behaves (tables in tables etc).

But maybe it is possible to include both options? Like “relative to screen” and “relative to container”?

Regards Rob

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Thanks a lot Rob.
I will use pixels instead of percent at this time. I can see that pixels in Thunkable cross is better than percent.
Percent is better in the classic Android.


In Thunkable X the markup is based on the Flexbox. At first it seems inconvenient, but in my opinion this is a more universal approach. I had difficulties with how to work with Android, where the sizes are determined relative to the entire screen, after the web.