Flex image in scrollable screen

Hi, I like to have an image that fit 100% width and 20-30% of the screen, but I’ve several image to show (with clone block), and I need a scrollable screen. It is possible? I resolve only with fix height… Thanks

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It is possible to set the width of 100% and I think the height of 20 - 30 % = about 200 - 250 pixel.
The height of images in scrollable column must be in pixel.

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On my Iphone SE is 250 px, but on a IPHONE X 250 px is a stripe :slight_smile: this is my problem…

Did you try putting all the images into a column? This might make it easier for you to add “scrollabiltiy” to your app?

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re trying to build?

The first img is on an Android emulator with an hight resolution, the second on my Iphone SE. I like to obtain the second solution on both… and remove the “Congrats! You Project is live” new label (
the screen is already very small, but this is another problem :slight_smile: Thanks

Which emulator? did you try installing on a physical device yet?

This will only appear on the Thunkable Live app. Again, installing the app on your device will remove this.

I use Bluestack. Now I solve the problem with some parameter in Advanced section… but I dont know why :slight_smile: there are some documentation for this parameter? I’ve not find it on the site! Flex parameter are very difficult… thanks For the label, what it need? The tutorial are on the first screen, we know it!

Try see https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/flexbox

Live testing an app that uses precise % fill and takes up all of the real estate of a screen is basically not possible unless we can get rid of that “Congrats!” message. Making frequent layout changes and saving to the phone is not very good workflow.