[Solved] Does the Barcode Scanner work in the new UI? #803

These blocks return no data when tested in a browser or in Thunkable Live:

Is there a way to retrieve a barcode in the new interface? I don’t even get a camera window to scan anything.

use a noobish way and try
remove list and try
my noob way

@ekansh_devs Please respond with solutions you know work. Just throwing out ideas isn’t all that helpful. I’ve tried ten different ways to get this to work. The list is not the problem. The scan barcode block doesn’t do anything. Even in it’s regular/non-advanced form.

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for it there can be many reasons

well show code of after scan the value that shall come u miss it else theres bug

I second this error – searched the forum to see if anyone else was having it and looks like they are :upside_down_face:


hey @tatiang how can you make text while there is no delimeter - ,


I’m not sure what you’re asking. You can test this with or without a delimited list. It doesn’t matter. Even just putting the value (or the error) block in the label “set text” block returns nothing.

Just ignore the list… it was an attempt to check for all possible values from the scan barcode block.


Hey @tatiang & @thunkOnEm

I wouldn’t have thought that barcode scanning worked when Web Testing? Does if work with the legacy UI?

Are you both using v253 of Thunkable Live?

Does the error block return anything here?

Finally, have you tried building + installing a simple barcode scanner? (to identify if there might be an issue with just Thunkable Live?)

Good point about web testing. I don’t really need it for that… I just thought maybe it would still enable the camera.

Yes, v253-1 of Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11. I haven’t yet downloaded the app to try it when installed. I just started the download process so I’ll let you know.

I simplified the blocks:


Similarly have not actually built the app – awfully deep on the bug testing track…

I’m testing via Thunkable App on iPhone 8 plus (not sure how to find version number).

When I try to use the live preview in the iOS app, the scan barcode button is dead, does not do anything. Does not trigger camera, nothing. In another test, I had a control step after the variable capture to go to a different screen which did work so its not the button itself.


Well… I download the project and… I can’t install it. I guess I’ll report another bug. I’ve been having more and more trouble installing apps from the email that’s generated. Usually, I have to tap and hold the link to then “open link” in Chrome on my phone. But this time, even that didn’t work. :frowning:

I just get stuck on this screen:

That’s not great - sorry @tatiang

We’re looking into this at the moment, will keep you posted as soon as we find more.

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You’ll need the latest version of Thunkable Live for Android and iOS if you want to live test this update.

Just updating you all in relation to this - we fixed the issue with the barcode scanner yesterday and it has now been deployed. You will need to update Thunkable Live for the fix to work though.

I’ve tested the following blocks, in the legacy UI and the Drag and Drop UI, on Android and they worked fine for me.



Can you confirm everything is working ok again in your own apps?

FYI: you’ll need the latest version of Thunkable Live for Android and iOS if you want to live test this update.

cc’ing @tatiang @thunkOnEm @eko.devs.apploro @luv.ak.tech to keep you all in the loop


Thunkable Live for iOS hasn’t been approved yet, but you will need to update it before you can see this fix. Will post an update when it goes live

Final Update:

v254 of Thunkable Live for iOS now available in the App Store


Thanks, @domhnallohanlon, glad to hear that. I’ll check it when I can. Currently, the newest version of Thunkable Live isn’t available yet on the App Store.


@tatiang @thunkOnEm @eko.devs.apploro @luv.ak.tech

Marking this #solved now as v254 of Thunkable Live is now available in the App Store

Thanks again for flagging this.