Barcode Scanner doesn´t work


I tried to make a QR reader following these Thunkable tutorial but it doesn’t work,

I have seen that the names of the components in the tutorial are not the same on the project, may they now have other names or do not exist and I have to use others?

I want to make a simple QR reader for read a QR code and open the link in the browser.


The barcode scanner in now in the Camera drawer in the new drag-and-drop interface.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried the new interface and I found the barcode scanner options, it looks more simple and easy but I didn´t make it works :frowning:

I have to do the same as in the older interface or there is another way in the new interface?

I haven’t worked with the barcode scanner all that much but you can try it out and see what value it gives you (by displaying it in a label) or you can right-click on the block and see the advanced options.

Hi, Tatiang! I’ve missed the last news in Thunkable community but I’m thinking to start making a new app and I remember that the new drag and drop interface was kind of raw a few months ago. How it’s changed now, I’d like to hear your honest opinion. Should I dive into the new interface or better leverage the old one since I want to commit to the new app and not play around.

Hi there,

Could you show us the blocks you have used to implement the barcode scanner in your app?

What happens when you use the barcode scanner in your app? What do you expect to happen?

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My honest opinion is that I’m not able to use the new drag-and-drop interface yet because it’s missing too many features from the older legacy interface. Much of it is the same and much of it is improved (love the drag-and-drop positioning!) but under the hood, there are just things you flat out can’t do around dynamic positioning and changing of visual properties for components.

That being said, I’m optimistic about the future of Thunkable!


Thank you, you’ve answered my question. The legacy is our legacy!

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Is there a way to activate the flashlamp? now on the ZXING library you can activate the flashlamp and autocorrection function, so it offers a result very fast, also we can do clipboard copy and paste function.
only we need to detect when a scan result is complete. Is there a way to open and close the app ?