[Solved] Date from two column

I want to retrieve the “price” data according to the “date” data which is the date from the last month. any tips?

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Please show sensible information. Your image is as good as no image. No one would have any interest on what price and what date, show anything but need to see the date and in what format.

i want to get the price by date. only retrieve “price” lines that match the date. each row has a date, I want to retrieve the ones that match the date from the last month.

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See my earlier comment.

Show a table that has prices and dates.

This might be helpful!

i use my own table. Is it possible to get specific values ​​from it?

Yes. Did you read the information @jared linked to?

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yes, and I didn’t find an answer. I’ll read it again tomorrow.

I have read it again and I am trying. One of the sample blocks is not in thunkable. After executing the function, it gets the last result “300” even though I specify in “if”, 11 month, not 12 month.

Zrzut ekranu 24-12-2021 12.16.22

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You don’t need to complicate the issue.

Try this

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Okay. How else can I specify index? by not selecting it by clicking, but by selecting data from month 11.

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Of course there are other ways, I just updated the project to use the month as a user entry instead from the list.

Remix the project again to see the changes.

it all works and is very helpful to me. I am trying to download more data related to month 11 and can’t do it. I’m still learning.

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You can always create a new post for the new problem that you are facing. You need to provide enough information and images of your code and sample data.
The members here are more than happy to help.

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