I want to get value from column 2 which should be matching with column 1

Hello all, if anyone kingly go through my sample project, i have followed your search and filter methods and they are working awesome,but on item click i want to get column “2” i.e URL saved in db.can any one pls help me out where did i missed.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Pls find my project link :

Hello, there are several ways to solve your problem. one of them is the following. You have the source data in Local DB. For the filtered elements, you create a List in which you save through the separator and save the row number from the source table. That is, when filtering records, you save the value to be displayed in the list and the key is the line number:

var: 4
sam: 3 etc.

After that, from the List, you need to save only the names in the List Viewer. When you select a list item from the List Viewer, you get the Index in the List, from which you get the Index in Local DB.

The above shows a universal option. If your elements in Column1 are unique, then everything is simplified. You select an element from the List Viewer and then in Local DB look for the row number with that element, and then output Column2 for the found row.

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Thank you for your help for taking time in reading my project,As im beginner if you can help me with small example it will be easy to understand for me.Im really sorry for asking this.
Thanks in advance