I want to get the data from local db with 'date-input'

Hi thunkers.
I use date-input and make new row at local DB.
When I make new data, I want to compare it with local DB.
If there is a data of same date, get data from local DB.
I need your help.
I want to use date-input, picked date, and compare with local DB.

Hi, @go1tentcjzwu! :wave:
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Below idea would work if you have two columns in LocalDB, one for date, and other for data.

It’s simple, when you select the date, find the date in LocalDB’s date column. If it’s present, then get it’s index, and get the cell from “data” column in the same row.

I hope you get the idea… :smiley_cat:
Thanks! :blush:

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Thanks your reply.
I will try and hope to make correct cording.

Could you show me with coding block?