[Solved] Data viewer crashes app when refreshed [Aug 2022]

Is there any solution yet?
I tried lots of combination.
If i created new page and add same blocks they are working but it was really hard.
It must to be easy solution.
I also tried to delete blocks not working same issue for some pages.

So far there is no solution. I’ve been trying to code around the issue myself but it’s just making a mess in my blocks. Until this issue gets addressed I’ll just have to leave out some features in my app.


After sometime using my app it has suddenly started crashing…when i test the app via the Thunkable app it says there a error in a block.
Are there any changes in Thunkabke that needs reviewing? For now it shows the login screen and when i enter user and pass it only shows a black screen.
Im using basically all blocks including Firebase connection for login and Airtable integrations.


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Have you seen this post? Could it be due to the same issue?

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Thanks muneer

It’s the same issue…:looks like a product bug??

El El sáb, 13 ago 2022 a las 17:45, Muneer Alshaikh via Community <notifications@thunkable.discoursemail.com> escribió:

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It has not refresh code but it has data viewer.
It is crashing live App and crashing .apk .

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Hi All

So, in order to have my app running again with limited functionallity is

  • Duplicate project
  • Edit new duplicated project removing all data viewer refresh blocks
  • Publish
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I deleted lots of pages, codes etc. still crashing as you can see this project.
It can be help for solve check it please.


Hi all.

Sorry for the delays in addressing this. I can confiirm the issue and have reported this as a bug.


Thanks, When solved will it be notify?

Tried the refresh block recently. Seems like Thunkable fixed it.

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No this is not about just when refreshed sir. As you can see this bug is still different from data viewer.


Great work. I updated the app to the new version and my app started right up. Thanks for the fix.


I am also now having this issue with the same block for data refresh. The source is a google sheet.
It works fine for my test app and live app, but it crashed in my downloaded android app.
As i could not find any replies to this thread that’s why i am trying to post here.

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@fish.coming.business - were you able to get your app working?

When was the last time you dowloaded a new build of your app - I would recommend this as a first step in troubleshooting to see if the issue is resolved.

@domhnallohanlon - hello there, as i am in a free tier i can only test twice in a month.
I will be building the app again today to test, before i add the block to enable me to hide the ‘refresh’ button in my app tp prevent if the bug still exists.

@domhnallohanlon - hello, the app is re-built and tested, the refresh problems seems to be fixed. Thank you for the update.

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Thanks for taking the time to follow up.

Going to close this topic out now as it’s been resolved!