Refresh Data List View causing Live crash

Hi there,

In a few screens I have place in the open event the refresh data viewer block - with this block the Live Thunkable app crashes, without it the live thunkable app works as expected. In addition, I need to say that once Thunkable live crashes and I click on the reset button it doesn’t crash anymore until it needs to reload again (this happens all the times the project needs to reload in thunkable Live (ie when I change something in the project)).

The same issue don’t happen in downloaded app.

I have tested on Android only.

The screens are placed in a button tab navigator.

Has anyone experiencing the same problem?


just wondering how do you refresh data in list view?

Same issue here!
I make heavy use of the data view list / grid and two of them crash everytime I refresh them. Any ideas anyone?

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Post a screenshot of your blocks. It’s really hard to help without knowing how you’ve set things up.


I’m having the same issue. Here are my blocks:

Also, the pull down is no longer refreshing the table.

Not sure why I have to refresh it on entry, didn’t have to use to do that, but unless I refresh at open the data viewer shows blanks.

This crashes 50-80% of the time.

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