[Solved] Data list remove arrow

how to remove arrows from data list

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old ui

Same in the old UI. Just select false and the > will not show/

welp i turned back on that project and i cant find it

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Can you please be clear when posting something. You keep using short words and sentences as if you are charged by the number of letter.

You have an issue and need help from the community, why not make it easier for others to respond and ultimately quicker for you to get the issue solved.

see according me

i cant find the arrow thing

any issues?

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your first post was about List Viewer this image is for the DVL Data Viewer List. You will not find the option in the DVL.

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The only way is to design your own data list viewer layout. It is not very hard but it has some quirks to be aware of. More info here: Custom Data Viewer Layout - ✕ Docs


thanks @Deluxe @muneer @tatiang for the help

This way has two drawbacks.
1 - Not yet available in the new UI.
2 - The allow will still be visible.

There is a workaround that I tested and found working but does not worth the effort. In the end it’s just an arrow.

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Are you sure? The arrow in the data list viewer is just a button or image which you don’t need to add. Here is a screenshot from my DeluxeTube app in which I am using a custom-designed data list viewer:

See? No arrow in the list entries :slight_smile:

As for the new UI, it is dead in the water in my opinion. I hope they will keep the existing UI forever.


That is good. I tested it only the first time announced following their tutorial video but didn’t like the outcome of it so did not use it again.

Thanks for pointing it out. :white_check_mark:

You are very welcome. I have to say, the Data Viewer is a rather neat feature.

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