[Solved] Create label loop

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I have a cloud list and I want to show it in a scrollable column by creating s label for each item in that list. I came up with this (but it didn’t work) - image
Please help!!

@power-Thunkers @tatiang @jared Please help me

You might consider this: Display Firebase items in List Viewer

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Thanks @tatiang, but I have done making the list from the database now I want to show this in a series of label with each label containing the values from the list.

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This is very much hard for me to understand :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Is there not any simpler way? :thinking: :thinking:


  1. Create a for each loop based on your list
  2. Put Create Label block in the loop
  3. Set created Label text = current list item

Here is an example of taking a JSON and turning it into an actionable list