How to create Dynamic List View for display all json data

Hello freinds,

How can i create list view that print all data of json get in list view ?

please solve my problem friends …

Hi Milan,

welcome to the community. You may have found the object-blocks and the listviewer component. Can you post a screenshot, what you have done already?



Below is a basic example for a simple JSON.

  "menu": "File", 
  "commands": "Open",
  "title": "Новый", 




Actech how to i contact you, i need it .

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what exactly do you need?

We need an example of your JSON response.

It should look like the text, which actech posted

Hello User81 ,

you ask me to my json link in our last conversation, so i give you my json link below :

test and please give me best option for this.


Here are two ways to solve your problem:

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this is a so-called JSON-string. In thunkable X you can import this string to build an object.
the component i in the object section on the left.
Once you have build the object, you can address all values and keys in it. the [ ] shows an array, so you have to select a number of an array.
the items in the list are separated by commas.
to read a property, you use the commponent in the object section.

The following blocks should show the word Friendship on Label24

Hi Everyone!

I am having the most frustrating time trying to get properties from JSON objects - especially as it relates to Firebase. I thought I would post in this thread, because ultimately, I want to create a List View with the content that I pull from Firebase.

Here is a sample of my Firebase database structure (I am more than willing to take suggestions for more appropriate database JSON structuring - if anyone has suggestions).

JSON View shown below:

“Sensors” : {
“DB:09:27:8B:8D:1B” : {
“description” : “Location 2”,
“macaddress” : “DB:09:27:8B:8D:1B”,
“sensorname” : “Sensor 2”
“DB:09:27:8B:8D:9B” : {
“description” : “Location 1”,
“macaddress” : “DB:09:27:8B:8D:9B”,
“sensorname” : “Sensor 1”

Long-story short, I am adding in sensors via QR code web API which pulls their MAC address. Each sensor than has a unique MAC address code associated with it.

I am trying to do 2 tasks:

  1. Get a list of all sensors via their MAC address. (No idea how to start to do that one since the names are “variable”).

  2. Get the properties such as “description” & “sensorname” under each of these unique sensor ID MAC addresses.

With the following blocks, I can get to the “sensorname” - but that is with my pre-populating the MAC address:

Is there a way to get this dynamically?

Ultimately, I want to get to a list view with this information contained in the Firebase database.

Any suggestions that anyone has - will help tremendously. Please post example blocks if you can. I have spent 2-3 days searching forms and trying different options without any luck.

I even tried the above example of the poster - these blocks fail to output a result (what am I doing that is fundamentally wrong?):

Thank you all!

Anyone can help?

I am also looking for same help. Same scenario in different kind of app. No one is able to help from experts. What to do?