JSON-Bound List Demonstration

Hello Fellow Thunkers,

If you are like me, you use a JSON and the Firebase Realtime database. Unfortunately, none of the built in list controls accept JSON objects as datasources.

Therefore I built my own. This simple version does not drill down into the hierarchy (I’m still working on that version). But it does gracefully handle properties which are lists (it doesn’t display them) or objects (which it displays all text and numeric properties).



P.S. I forgot to include the blocks to resize the column to adjust for web vs. device use. The blocks have been added. Sorry!

This is great @drted - thanks for sharing. If you wanted to add a few screenshots explaining the custom functions you’ve created we could add this to #thunkable-tutorials too!

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@drted this is great. I was actually having trouble specifically with this recently whilst using Firebase to collect and store some test data. Thanks for sharing, will definitely be using this in the future.