[Solved] Create clone with relative size or absolute size?


if you want to clone more than two labels it quickly becomes more complicated playing with rows and columns and especially their size is not easy
and it has to scroll too
and the result is a little better on the pc than on the phone
even if I avoid changing all the parameters at the same time it does not work
here is what I would like to do with my clones

Capture d’écran 2022-05-23 à 22.28.47


Good one. I know I can do it but not easy to explain.


not easy to understand? in any case he took the time to make a demo and it’s not the first time that he got me out of a bad situation

Thank you Muneer

the demo:


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You are welcome.

If the demo can be considered a solution then please mark the post as solved. This helps others to see how to solve similar issues.

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