[Solved] Changing which side a new screen comes from when navigating to a new screen

Hey there,

this is a very simple question but I couldn’t find any answer online. Basically I’ve made a"back" button that navigates to the previous screen using the navigate to screen block. However the screen swipes in from the right. This makes it seem as if it goes forward instead of backwards. I’d like the screen to swipe in from the right side.


Hi @lehollsteins3, welcome to the community!

I think if the screens are in a navigator they will behave the way you want them too, but if they are just screens in the component tree they all go the same direction.

Does that match with your experience?

Hey, no some screen seem to come from the left and some from the right.

@lehollsteins3 Try this tutorial to see if this helps:

Hopefully this solves the problem!


That’s exactly what I needed thank you so much.


No problem! :+1: :grinning: