How to implement screen navigation by swiping right or left anywhere on the screen?

Hello Thunkable community! I’m developing an app and would like to implement a feature where users can navigate between screens by swiping right or left anywhere on the screen, without the need for a specific slider. Currently, when I add a slider, I have to swipe on the corresponding line, but I want to allow screen transition with a swipe gesture anywhere on the screen. How can I achieve this implementation in Thunkable? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, the top bar Navigator has switch mode, you can also set visible or not the tab in all the screens or only the screen you want.
Navigator tab docs

Are you using the drag and drop version ?

Yes, I’m using the drag-and-drop version! However, I want to switch screens by swiping left or right on the screen, and I can’t find that function. Can you guide me on how to achieve this with the Navigator tab in the drag-and-drop version? Thank you!

Hi, I linked you the docs where you can find the main informations about bar.
At the top left of the designer you can find the add button for bar navigator

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