[Solved] Can’t save data to or read from Firebase database

'o.default.get(this.settings).database is not a function. (In ‘o.default.get.(this.settings).database()’, ‘o.default.get(this.settings).database’ is undefined)
The above error is showing to me.
How can I fix this, any idea?

Hey @mahmoudgamal_007pz9b

Can you try doing a hard refresh in your web browser and make sure that you’re running the latest version of Thunkable Live (currently v186)

Let us know whether or not that works!

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reference.child failed: first argument was an invalid path = “”

Ive downloaded v186 and found this error. any idea ?

ive just downloaded v186 but there is another error appears "reference.child failed: first argument was an invalid path = “”

Where is that occuring? Thunkable Live??

Can you send us a screenshot?


Thank you for your effort Domhnall, I removed the join block and left the key with only one destination but I’ve got this error PERMISSION_DENIED: permission denied

What are your firebase rules?

Yes I got you, thanks.
But for the error in the screen shot, can you help me in that. Thanks

I’m trying to add the user email in the storage under the key but it is giving the first error in the post.

Firebase is picky about the characters it allows in a key path name. Filter out the @ and . Then try again.

So instead of Jared.gibb@gmail.com
I would use


It worked, Thank you very much Jared

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Glad to help. Could you mark that as a solution to help other community members?