[Solved] Can I use a column to show/hide content in my app?

Hello, I have a little problem I would like to know why when you have an invisible column with
Scrollable = true
Height = Fill container
Width Fill container

The column takes 50% of the screen is this normal?

Tested on IOS,Android,Web
@drted thanks

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web, ios, or android?

There are a number of known and long-standing issues with column sizing. For example:

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Can you add a screenshot/MWE please @kushweez?

Also, wondering why an “invisible” column needs to have height and width of Fill Container if no one can see it?

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How do you know the exact sizing of the column if it is invisible? Do you mean that 50% of the screen is unoccupied, at the same spot where the column should be?

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It doesn’t matter even if the column is set to
Fit contents
Fill container

Bottom I have for example a display that should appear after the button is pressed.

Web :


Android :

So, pressing the button should toggle the visibility of the red column, am I understanding you correctly @kushweez?


Here’s a sample that toggles the visibility of two columns. When the button is pressed, one col disappears and the other takes up app available screen space:

But for example I have a lot of content in the column and must absolutely be scrollable.

So no matter how you tilt the visibility, the column will always take up as much space on the screen.
When it is red the column is visible, when you see the background it is invisible but it is the red column that takes the place on the screen.

The screen is set to TOP alignment

I have them set to Fill Container.

Are you trying to make them an absolute size?

Please enable the Scrollable on the column, it is the nature of the problem.
I tried this :
Fit contents
Fill container

Got it - I think I see it now. Can you please refresh the sample project I linked to above and let me know if that’s exhibiting the same behaviour.


Same behavior on each device

That is to say that normally the column that becomes visible (green) should take the place of the column that is invisible (orange) but the invisible block is as always after being invisible.

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Perfect - yeah, that doesn’t look quite right to me.

Ok, final question - is there any possibility you can use a new screen instead of toggling the visibility of a column?

Of course this is possible, I have found an alternative.

But I already have a lot of screens and it’s not recommended to have more than 10. I’m already 15 screens if I had to do this for each screen it would be complicated and I would end up with 30 lol screens.

Will it be possible to have a correction on this soon ?

That was a limitation of our Android-only Classic platform. The current, cross-platform version of Thunkable has no such limitation, you’re free to have as many screens as you want.

From a maintenance perspective though, you probably don’t want 30 screens since it makes updates unnecessarily time consuming.

How about taking a more dynamic, data-drive approach such as this:

There are only 2 screens in this app (1 for content and 1 for the menu) but from the users perspective there are 6 screens. Similarly, this “A - Z of Thunkable” app uses the same approach to condense 30+ screens of content into just 3:

Would something like this work in your scenario?

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Yes thank you for the details