[Solved] Blinking of the Screen on entering Text Input

How to prevent the app screen from blinking in an Android device.
I would also like to know whether it happens in an Apple device or not ? Because I don’t have an iPhone.

No, it doesn’t blink on an iPhone. It does push the other objects up as in your video though.

How do you wanna know if you haven’t even had a chance to live-test his project?!

Hi @prasaddhandayal19723

unfortunately this behavior is a well known bug in the Thunkable platform that has yet to be finally addressed and fixed… It is caused by images (and some other components) dis- and re-appearing on text input and some other actions. Right now you can only work around this issue by using for example buttons or row/column and set the images as background. In case you’re using a Lottie animation and have this problem unfortunately I don’t know a workaround for that… And yes - this problem affects both, Android and iOS

Best, Chris

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There’s not a lot of complexity to the Text Input block. Having seen this happen with several projects and other threads on the forums, and then testing it and having it happen again confirmed what I thought was the case for iOS.

@Chris I was going to reply the same :grin:

Hi , @prasaddhandayal19723
Try to use column background image to instead the image.

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Oh Thank You very much. It really worked out.

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