(SOLVED) Application is Lag when Installed in Mobile Phones

I’m a first time user of Thunkable, I was only introduced to MIT and Thunkable last month.

Me and my schoolmates created a Daily Time Recording Application that records attendance for students as our research project. it sends and retrieves data through firebase and G-Sheets, which also has profile creation and editing.

It was smooth sailing through coding and building the application. We have only tested the app through live testing and web app testing, but never did install it on our phones until tonight.

We found out that it was very lag compared to what we experience in the live testing. We only had minor lags on switching screens and moving graphics during live test, but when we installed it, we cannot even manage to type-in properly due to lags.

Is there any particular reason to this? and how can we solve this? We will gladly answer questions you find necessary to help fix the app. We have this due till next week, so it would be nice if we could figure something out quickly. Thank you in advance <3

what do you mean…

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A few things that might help you get the help you need:

  1. What are the phones you’re using? I notice that my very old iPad is noticeably less responsive than my phone.
  2. You’ve described using G Sheets and Firebase. Both of those require internet. If your phone are on a slow cellular network (or have poor signal on your WiFi network), you may see measurable lag, especially if your code is waiting for new values to come in. Can you confirm that your phone is connected to pretty strong internet signal, such that browsing a busy website is working fine?
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We have no idea how to fix the lag issues because when tested the app through live testing and web app, it has minimal and bearable lags. But when we downloaded it as an .apk/.ipa , it starts to lag heavily.

  1. My friend has an Iphone 11 pro max, mine is a Samsung a21s. I think the phones aren’t the problem since these models are still fairly new.
  2. Yes it is connected to a strong internet. We noticed that even the screens that don’t require internet to function still lags heavily.

(UPDATE) We also tried to push through the testing even though it’s lag. On android. when we press the time in button, where it sends data to firebase and Gsheet, it shows the thunkable splash screen and stays there as if the app froze. Then on iOS, it shows a white screen instead and freezes. Is it possible that thunkable is not capable handling these functions at the same time? Like, is it too much for thunkable to handle?

Sounds frustrating! The white screen can mean the program has crashed. Can you share a screenshot of the blocks for when it is crashing/freezing?

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Although it freezes, the Time In Data were successfully sent to the firebase and Gsheet.

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That would seem to suggest that the problem comes after the database stuff. Do the alerts you have set up fire?

You might consider adding a label on the screen for debugging and changing the value as you get through your major steps (probably with a wait block after it) to help narrow down where the problem is.

BTW, your approach to putting a line in a Google Sheet is interesting - did you know that you can add a G Sheet as a data source and then there’s a “create row” block? I don’t know if it is any faster than your approach, but it’s definitely simpler in terms of blocks.


Hi catsariskypbi! Thanks for all of your help…

(SOLVE) We already found out the cause of the heavy lags. It was the animated GIF we used for the splash screen. I guess Thunkable just isn’t natively compatible or very good with running GIF. But the crash on the TimeIn button was still persisting.

(SOLVE) With this, we have found out that the TimeOut button did not crash, even though it supposed to literally have the same code and function as the TimeIn button. Their only difference is the directory and link where the data goes. So we compared each element, block by block, where we found out that the “TIO_Sheet_Loader.Reload” caused it to refresh the whole screen and show the Thunkable splash screen.

THANKS FOR THE HELP, WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT. We were really panicking and your ideas and suggestions were really insightful and helpful. This will help us pass our research, and you will definitely be part of the success we strive to achieve.

And also, thanks for the tip, it might be useful when we optimize the app further <3


that usually happens with me too

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