Question about Live Testing

whenever i test project companoin lags a lot pls tell why

Hey @eko.devs.apploroceo - please give your posts more descriptive titles. I’ve changed yours now to better describe your actual question.

Do you have audio/videos in your project that needs to be sent over?

yes an lottie json animation it takes a bit time to load
also can we keep this topic where people can tell bugs in there app

also there is a one more problem.
that is
when ever i live test on android it lags a lot.this issue is unresolved for past one year. even when i test app on thunkable everything is fine but when on android phone it always come in half screen . this is a big issue i face a lot of time.
pls solve this issue and tell me. i have less time. coz i have school’s important project

seriously i only have 1 day for my important project and in companion the images and all topple and many things.
pls tell till when will this issue will be unresolved.
i am going brainblast

Please post screenshots or a more descriptive block flow as this helps diagnose issues. Imagine going to the doctor but leaving your body and voice at home and trying to have the doctor diagnose your problems from a note that doesn’t have clear symptoms written out.

There are reasons for lag, but it shouldn’t prohibit you from working on an app. What is your internet connection speed, WiFI (25mbps, 50mbps, 100mbps, LTE, 4G), what kind of phone are you using, have you updated to the latest version of companion?