[SOLVED] App rejected from Review Team

you will need to explain in the Info.plist file the purpose for using the camera in your app. You will need to include:

  • The purpose for accessing the camera
  • An example of the camera usage

This information allows the user to make an informed decision as to whether to grant access to the camera.
what’s Info.plist ? How I can modify ?
what should I do ? I’m in total panic

My app is only a webviewer, It’s all ok on Google Play, but not in Apple Store. I’m going crazy

Does your app use the camera? It sounds like it does not. It’s likely that you added a camera component and didn’t remove it before publishing the app.

Was this made with Snap to Place or Drag and Drop?

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My app is only a webviewer, and there is a page in HTML to upload images. A simple input tag type file.

I would try removing the camera component. If you need help, post a link to your project or at least screenshots.

Feel free to share a project link if you believe there is not a camera block being used. I can take a look tomorrow!

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The problem is in “Lancia un SOS” section. When you click on “Allega Bolletta”

Looks like you’re using a camera so you’ll need to include that in your permissions list. This is on your project settings page. You might need to put a camera component in your project for that input to appear in your app settings.

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Do you think is only this ?
Added, and now ?


Finally I understand how fix it.


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