[Solved] API Filter from thunkable

Hello, how can i filter the result from a Get Call ?

I don’t understand why i see all the response and not only the one with “NumeroDiGara” field parameter i set.

I have this code. Where is my mistake ?


Hey @aiasp :wave: any particular reason you’re using the Airtable API and not using our Airtable integration?

Going back to your original question, @tatiang has a great tutorial on working with APIs here:

I agree that I would use the built-in Airtable data blocks rather than the API unless you have a specific reason not to.

hi ! because i need only a single value from the data i parse, and filtering or query with airtable integrations is not possible , so that’s why i’m trying to build a solution using api

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In this case you need to use a feature in Airtable API called Filter by Formula. The blocks you did will not work.


Done in the way you told me !! Thank you very much !!!

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