[SOLVED 2/10/24 8:23 PM EDT] How to get data firebase

Hi, how do I pull a piece of information from firebase? I wanted to pull in the username


I think you lost a / here → CPF/ , try to reverse /CPF

No, that’s wrong because there is already a leading / from “usuarios/”

You do not need the trailing / so try “CPF” instead.

If that doesn’t work, what is the value of the green error block?

You don’t need a / after UserID ?

I was thinking that maybe the login is wrong?

You’re right!

I look like a jerk… I’m sorry about that.

I don’t think so and you are always to help :+1:t2:

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OK… And how do I do that? I don’t understand much, sorry, if you can send me a screenshot of the blocks

Like this? It didn’t work


What is the value of the green error block? You can assign it to a label or text input.

What are your realtime database rules in your Firebase console?

Are you able to save values to Firebase from Thunkable?

Value and error:

Rules Firebase:


And yes, I can save normally in firebase, I’ll send it below how I do to save the information:


You will need to fix this first: Is the login method right? - #4 by tatiang