[SOLVED 2/1/24 6:05 AM EDT] Creating Unique Order ID

Hello to Everyone!

I am new to Thunkable and I am trying out some new functions.
I was wondering if someone knew how to generate a unique order ID for each order placed in the thunkable app and saved into Google sheets?
I am not sure if this is something I should do in Thunkable or if it should be configured in google sheets?

Thank you for your help.
Have a great day!

Yes , of course.
What kind of ID you are looking for.
You did a search in the community? :point_right: HERE

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Thanks for the link I will check it out!

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Anyway when you use google sheet as database , when you create a new row the block itself give you a unique id for that row


I am wondering if there is a way to generate a unique ID for each order placed in the app. When the order is placed it will be stored in google sheets with a unique ID generated.
When the user logs in they can see only their own Orders from that google sheet.
I don’t know if this makes sense, I would just like to know if this is possible or if I should be looking at other ways?
Thanks for your help!

Hi, if your problem is the unique ID you can use The unique ID provided from Google sheet or create a new one as you like (only number , alphabetic, alphanumeric, etc ) .
If your problem is to show only the order of a customer you have only to make a search to find the right customer and get the data .

Probably Google sheet is not comfortable to store this kind of data because is a sequence of rows , you can’t organise a lot .
Firebase or a dictionary let you store data in a different way, you can store data under a key (like a folder) so you can create a unique ID and inside save all data (name, mail, order, etc )

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I will try to use Firebase in this case. Thanks for your help!

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Firebase is a great option. Until we get the ability to set constraints on the db calls, Honestly, I would use supabase or xano for something like this. Specially if you want to return filtered results or not all at once.

Firebase will definitely do what you need though, at a base level


Very interesting, thanks to share, I see you did some work and guide about them , very useful