Slider Visible = false no longer works in blocks

When Slider.visible is turned to false in blocks it doesn’t disappear.
setting it to visible = false in settings it doesn’t show up.
when the app makes it visible it shows up but when i click a reset button with the proper code to set visible to false it no longer hides it.

it worked fine last week and i did a few updates and now when i run the apk it doesn’t hide it.
I’ve checked my code and nothing has changed

using android.
and its only the thumb dot that is visible not the entire slider.
not sure why it only became an issue til now.
but my only work around would be to change thumbtintcolor to blend in with background when slider is not visible and bring thumbtintcolor back when slider is visible.
i did notice the thumbtintcolor only works for android so i’m hoping the work around doesn’t mess with the ios version of my app

Hi @brad_singer, welcome to the Thunkable community.

Thanks for the great question, you’ve explained what’s happening really clearly.

Can you create a minimum working example and sharing it here, along with a couple of screenshots too? Thanks!

Hi! First of all, I apologize for my bad English) Now to the point - I have the same problem with the sliders on Android, if you hide the parent container, the sliders do not disappear, and if you hide the sliders through the blocks, they also come out visible.

I did a test project for clarity -