Simple Sound Recognition with predefined results

I’m new to Thunkable, I need some help.

I want to make a simple app where a sound is inputted via the devices microphone, and that sound is cross referenced against a handful of existing .wav filesI have (for eg. I have 5 samples for each of 5 different sounds). When the sound is inputted, I would like the app to recognise which of the sounds it was so that it returns a message that corresponds with each sound. Any ideas where I would start with something like that?


in Thunkable X, there is no voice recorder component and therefore only speech can be recognized. To work with sound, you can search for some web api. But I have not seen this.

Hi, Actech

Thank you for your reply. Would this be the same with the classic version of Thunkable?

I dont know. Try to ask your question to the experts of the classical branch