Simple Card Game - Chase the Ace

Hi All,

I’ve published a very simple free card game called “Chase the Ace” on the Google Play Store. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Find it at:

Have fun. Will


I enjoyed playing your game and it is very nice.

But as it is a game, you should focus more on UI and make it colourful.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Hide Title bar and status bar to make it fullscreen.
  • When on Main Screen, I am not been able to close the app; the Main screen automatically starts again when back pressed.
  • Use images for buttons
  • Big and custom fonts
  • Background images with background music
  • Good placement for ads. (Ads shows up in the middle of the screen)

BTW, how did you make cards to animate?


Thank you Pavitra for taking a look and trying out Chase the Ace. I really appreciate your comments for improvements, which I will take into consideration and implement for the next update. Yes I also thought that the UI was a little flat…my artistic talents are lacking. When I designed the screen with the ad, I do have the ad at the bottom, but possibly with larger phones the ad appears more towards the middle of the screen.

How I made the cards animate is as follows (image included with some of the code)…the cards are image sprites on a canvas. When the screen is initialized I create three lists, one for the names of the image sprites, one for the X position of each of the sprites and one for the Y position of each of the sprites. In my code, I determine the cards that need to be switched ( ie perhaps 2 and 4 - startCardNum and finishCardNum). I initiate a timer (clock) that will move these two image sprites 1/5 of the distance between them towards each other (movex and movey). After the timer fires five times (so the complete distance is covered), I return the image sprites back to their original position, so it appears that the cards were switched. I do this for all of the cards that need to be switched and then disable the timer. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks. Will

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To my surprise, the animations in your game were pretty smooth.

Your game reminded me of Microsoft Solitare.

Good game.

Please improve UI and add easy exit option.

Would that work towards making a tarot card game?

Hi Sherri,

I’m not familiar with the tarrot card deck or any of the games played with the deck but I can’t see a problem with using the logic to move the playing cards around on a virtual table.


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could you help with main set up, do you start with the mages or if you can direct me to a site that helps with that

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Hi Sherri,

I can’t direct you to a site to help you with your main set up of a tarot card game. I created the Chase the Ace app from my own skill set. I’m not sure how I can help you. Have you started your app?