Flash Cards. Learning aid for students

Hey! :raising_hand_man: Hello Everyone. Today I am presenting my first app made with Thunkable.
Its name is Flash Cards. Flash cards are used by students as an aid in learning ( a brief definition of the same is given in below screen-shots).

Screen -shots :point_down:

Here is a small video showing the working of my app :point_down:

[VIDEO] Flash Cards. Learning aid for students

Extensions used :point_down:

  1. CardView by @ILoveThunkable
  2. ActionBar by @Andres_Cotes

A great thanks to both of you for your wonderful extensions. :smiley:

Tutorials that helped me :point_down:

  1. Circular Buttons by @domhnallohanlon
  2. Bottom menu tempelates by @Chris

A special thanks to both of you also. :smiley:

For now, I am planning to add some more functionalities to this app and after this successful addition of them I will make it available on Playstore.

(I am still developing this app, so if you have any ideas then please let me know. Suggestion are welcomed :smiley:)


Can you show me the blocks of cardview component

I will post the needed blocks soon. At-present I am away from laptop

Hey bro!:raising_hand_man: When will you be able to post the blocks for this app?:thinking:

Sorry, I may not make the blocks available for this project. Also I found that the cardview was not responsive on all devices and after that I paused the development of this due to my academics( I hope to resume it soon but not sure)